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About MIC

MIC was formed in 2009 by members of the Bernert family.  The Bernert family started working on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in the 1860’s when Josef Bernert drifted logs to the mills using oar powered boats. Tugboat work continued by rafting logs (from the turn of the century until the late 1940’s). We have a rich history doing revetment and construction work for the Corps of Engineers, hauling Salmon fry on the Columbia, dredging for aggregate sources as well as navigation, and other marine related activities.  In the late 1950’s Josef  Bernert’s grandchildren started dredging and formed an aggregate and concrete company (Wilsonville Concrete –WCP) and  dredged roughly 200,000 tons of sand and gravel annually from 1958 until 2009.  From 1990 to 2008 our river dredging activities primarily supplied our aggregate needs.  In 2009 we started doing more construction as well as commercial dredging, including work for Port of Vancouver, Port of Portland, private clients, navigational dredging, pipeline replacement, debris removal, salvage, underwater construction and other projects.   This has included several Corps of Engineers marine based projects.  Currently the next generation of the family and their children (5th generation) are operating the business.

History and Timeline

  •  1866 – Josef Bernert started marine work in Oregon
  • 1907 – Josef Built the Vanda – First powered boat with a 4 ½ HP tugboat for hauling logs to mills
  • 1912 – Josef dies in major flood after being washed over the Willamette Falls. Josef’s sons, Carl, Albert and Joe continue business
  • 1914 to 1918 – Joe Bernert serves in Army as medic during World War I
  • 1918 – Joe returns from Europe and forms Joe Bernert Towing (JBT) to raft logs and use tugs for marine transport
  • 1951 – Joe has stroke and his son Jim Bernert takes lead in JBT for towing and construction projects
  • 1956 – Joe dies and Jim takes lead on diversifying JBT into other marine work including dredging
  • 1958 – First dredging permit issued to JBT for aggregate mining in Willamette River
  • 1962 – Wilsonville Concrete formed by Jim Bernert, his brother Tom Bernert and Al Schaeffer
  • 1960 – 1970s – JBT completed numerous revetment projects for Corp, Fish haul projects, chip and aggregate transport and maintenance dredging projects
  • 1982 – 1997 – Tom Bernert leads JBT in supporting Wilsonville Concrete
  • 1997 – Positive Biological Opinion for JBT Dredging when implementing their Best Management Practices
  • 2002 – 2007 – Final Biological Opinion for Phasing out in river dredging
  • 2006 – WCP formed for JBT and Wilsonville Concrete
  • 2008 – WCP finishes all in-stream mining
  • 2009 – WCP forms MIC  (formed from JBT and WCP)
  • 2010 – Santosh (CalPortland) Dredging Project
  • 2011 – Port of Vancouver Maintenance Dredging, Chelan County, Pipeline repairs
  • 2012 – Port of Portland Terminal 6 Dredging, Bradford Island Dredging, various debris projects (Ports, PGE, others)
  • 2013 – Port of Vancouver Dredging, Corp of Engineers Bonneville B2 Dredging, Port of Portland Terminal 4