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AWARDED – USACE – NWW – FY 16 – McNary Downstream Navigational Lock Repairs

Work Consisted of – Miter Gate Gudgeon Repairs — Procedures include line boring the perpendicular gudgeon plates and gudgeon linkage eye bar on both miter gate leaves. The gudgeon plates were embedded to the concrete structure of the navigation lock and allow for the attachment to the navigation lock miter gate through the gudgeon linkage eye bar. Onsite line boring was required through 3 layers of material with a total thickness of 8.25 inches (gudgeon plates are 1.75 thick each and linkage eye bar is 4.75 inches thick), the bore size was increased from 7-inches to 7.125-inches.

Two Government-furnished linkage pins were installed by the contractor at the gudgeon plate-linkage eye bar bores upon completion of the line boring (one per side). The gudgeon repair work required jacking and shoring support of the miter gate leaf structures. Each miter gate leaf weighed approximately 400 tons. The miter gate leaves were jacked and supported during the pin removal, line boring, and pin replacement operations. A engineered jacking and shoring plan was provided by VAK Engineering of Beaverton, Oregon.

Additionally, MIC replaced Timber Bumpers and Fenders — Replace twelve (12) vertically mounted timber bumpers located on the navigation lock walls at the downstream miter gate recess areas. Vertical timber bumpers were approximately 12″ x 16″ x 18′ long each. New timbers were furnished and installed by MIC. All new timber products were custom milled of select structural Douglas Fir.

Replace eighteen (18) horizontally mounted timber fenders and associated mounting hardware (bolts, washers, nuts) located on the downstream side of the miter gate leaves. Timber fenders were approximately 7″ x 12″ x 27′ long each.

Miter Gate Bottom Seal Replacement – Replace rubber J-seals and associated seal mounting bar assemblies on the bottom of each miter gate leaf. New rubber seals, seal mounting bars, and mounting fasteners. Installation of new rubber seals required all splices to be vulcanized in accordance with the seal manufacturer’s requirements and were completed onsite trained MIC personnel.

Surveying – Conduct baseline, pre-construction and post-construction field measurements of the downstream miter gate structure, gudgeon assemblies, quoin seal blocks, and downstream miter gate sill. Field measurements consisted of 3-dimensional measurement to determine easting coordinates, northing coordinates, and elevations. Surveying was performed under the direction of and certified by a Professional Surveyor. Surveying was performed by Minister and Glaeser of Pasco, WA.