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AWARDED – USCG – Swan Island Contaminated Sediment Dredging and Sand Cap

Furnish all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to conduct maintenance dredging of up to 1,000 cubic yards (CY) at the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Portland, Portland, Oregon. The facility was located at river mile 7.5 of the Willamette River in Swan Island Lagoon; part of the Portland Harbor Superfund Site. All dredged material was dredged with an environmental bucket (Cable Arm) and obstructions (logs, piling, ect…) were removed with a standard mechanical bucket. Dredge material was loaded into a scow and disposed of at an upland site. After dredging to design depth, analytical samples were taken and a 1 foot course sand cap was placed over the dredging area. Project was done under budget, on schedule and with zero time losses.